Biowearables… Someone ?


The newest activity tracking device may not even be a device. Austin-based software design firm Chaotic Moon Studios has created a concept prototype for tech tattoos, a circuit that you can wear on the surface of your skin. The components are attached with conductive paint, and can monitor health and activity stats, authorize charges for purchases and many other potential applications.

Accessible body mod and no surgery required. It’s a temporary tattoo with a built-in biosensor. That can range from RFIDs, fitness trackers or vital sign monitors, or even a chip linked to your bank account that lets you pay for food with your arm. Put it on, and you not only get tech-enabled superpowers, but you proudly wear the future on your sleeve.

Sticking to the skin just like temporary tattoos do, Tech Tats are made of electronic components and are able to monitor your vital statistics — your heart rate, your blood pressure, your body temperature and more. They have a similar function to wearables like FitBit, but they’re easier to wear — being attached to your skin, they’re far less cumbersome.

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