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In the next few articles which we just named “Badass Hacker” , we will try to meet you with some of the greatest names and genius whose took a part in the so called phreaking and later – hacking activities.Some of them were people committed to circumvention of computer security and they came from communities of computer enthusiasts and hobbyists.

If it is hard to find who was the greatest one, we decided to start with the first one. His Majesty – Joybubbles.

Joybubbles was born May 25, 1949, with the name Josef Carl Engressia, Jr. in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

He was an early phone phreak. A blind telephone hacker who legally changed his name to Joybubbles after declaring himself “the age of five forever.”


He was Born blind, and he became interested in telephones at age four. He had absolute pitch, and was able to whistle 2600 hertz into a telephone and start a bluebox command in AT &T phone central. Joybubbles said that he had an IQ of “172 or something”. Joybubbles died at his Minneapolis home on August 8, 2007 (aged 58). According to his death certificate, he died of “natural causes” with “congestive heart failure” as a contributing condition.

Joybubbles dial Canada

As a five-year old, Engressia discovered he could dial phone numbers by clicking the hang-up switch rapidly (“tapping”), and at the age of 7 he accidentally discovered that whistling at certain frequencies could activate phone switches.

Joybubbles' Bell Telephone belt buckle
Joybubbles’ Bell Telephone belt buckle


A student at the University of South Florida in the late 1960s, he was given the nickname “Whistler” due to his ability to place free long distance phone calls by whistling the proper tones with his mouth. After a Canadian operator reported him for selling such calls for $1 at the university, he was suspended and fined $25 but soon reinstated. He later graduated with a degree in philosophy and moved to Tennessee.

According to FBI records, the phone company SBT&T first noticed his phreaking activities in summer 1968, and an employee of the Florida Bell Telephone Company illegally monitored Engressia’s telephone conversations and divulged them to the FBI.

After law enforcement raided his house, he was charged with malicious mischief, given a suspended sentence, and quickly abandoned phreaking.


c047dee7128d310a9d4d6e22ca2f9170_largeIn 1982, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He lived off his Social Security disability pension and a job as a test subject for scent-intensity research. He was an ordained minister of his own Church of Eternal Childhood, and ran a one-man nonprofit support organization for people rediscovering and re-experiencing childhood, called “We Won’t Grow Up”. He tried to remain an active member of the children’s community around his home, giving readings at the local library and setting up phone calls to terminally ill children around the world. He often contributed to the Bulletin Board section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper.

Sexually abused as a child by one of his teachers, Joybubbles “reverted to his childhood” in May 1988 and remained there until his death, claiming that he was five years old. He legally changed his name to Joybubbles in 1991, stating that he wanted to put his past, specifically the abuse, behind him. He was listed in the local phone directory as “Joybubbles, I Am”.

An avid fan of Mister Rogers, Joybubbles was mentioned in a November 1998 Esquire magazine article about children’s television host Fred Rogers. In the summer of 1998, Joybubbles traveled to the University of Pittsburgh’s Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Archives and listened to several hundred episodes over a span of six weeks.

  • In 1971, just after his arrest, Engressia was featured in an Esquire article by Ron Rosenbaum (Secrets of the Little Blue Box) which exposed the phone phreak scene to a general public and led to further media coverage of Engressia, who became a cultural icon.
  • The 1992 movie Sneakers had a character named “Whistler”, who seemed to combine traits of both Joybubbles and John Draper. The character of Whistler, played by David Strathairn, is based directly on Engressia.
  • The 2001 documentary film The Secret History of Hacking features archive footage of Joybubbles.
  • In his book iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak mentions Joybubbles as an early inspiration during his college years.
  • On February 21, 2012, WNYC’s Radiolab aired a segment on Joybubbles in an episode titled Escape!
  • Joybubbles is the subject of an upcoming feature length documentary film.
  • Chapter 9 of the book Exploding the Phone by Phil Lapsley details his successful plan to get a job by purposely getting arrested for phreaking.

Joybubbles ran a weekly telephone story line called “Stories and Stuff”. Stories and Stuff was usually updated on the weekend.

In the early 1980s, he ran a phone line called the “Zzzzyzzerrific Funline”, which had the distinction of being the very last entry in the phone book. During the Zzzzyzzerrific Funline days, calling himself Highrise Joe, he would go on various rants about how much he loved Valleyfair amusement park and would also regularly play and discuss Up with People.


In the moment we are worked on this article we found a Kickstarter campaign regarding a movie for Joybubbles:

LA-based filmmaker Rachael Morrison has launched a Kickstarter for JOYBUBBLES, a feature-length documentary film about Joe Engressia, Jr. The Campaign was funded and we waiting for the movie !!!

Joybubbles: The Documentary Film – Teaser Trailer from Joybubbles on Vimeo.

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