After the series of bans in Patreon it is time for Bitpatron

BitPatron come with a simple mission: provide a Bitcoin censorship-free Patreon alternative, and also to help Bitcoin achieve mass adoption. Similar to Lighthouse Crowdfunding platform which appeared 5 years ago, Bitpatron come to help many projects which were recently kicked out from Patreon.

The gray area that the company previously allowed has now been erased with a far more strong policy. Users are now prohibited from selling “pornographic material,” as a reward for their patrons. In addition, they cannot use cash from the site to “produce pornographic material, such as maintaining a website, funding porn or erotic movies or providing a private webcam session.”
The rising power of global social networks and Crowdfunding sites platform recently put not only the adult industry in risk, but also the right of free speech. Recent years, giants as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been caught many times censoring often and labeling articles and authors as racist, connected to terrorism or using hate language.
The developers from BitPatron promising to provide 100% Uncensored Crowdfunding Generator and help to shape the future of free speech and Bitcoin adoption all over the world.

Apply for early Access HERE

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