Urbanista #12 Abandoned Nuclear Warhead Missiles Storage Lithuania

This is the first nuclear ballistic medium-range missile base of the Soviet Union. After twelve years of operations, the site was shut down.

This Storage bunker once kept the warheads for the secret missile launch base in Plokštinė in Lithuania.

The site appears to have been operated by the 79th Sevastopolskiy Red Banner Missile Regiment.

The weight of the warhead was over 1500 kilograms. These surface-to-surface missiles also had a radius of operation of a little less than 2500 kilometers. 4 meters warhead were installed in the silos.

The rockets were fueled with a mixture of kerosene and nitric acid. They were intended to last 10-15 years; in Plokštinė they were changed once in 16 years. 

Soviet design of Warhead Bunker Gate from other base-Photo Internet

The secret design bases from this type were named ‘Dvina.’

3 more groups of officers and soldiers (320 people) lived in the nearby military town. The town had a headquarters, soldiers’ barracks, officers’ quarters, separate canteens for officers and soldiers, medical aid post, food storage, and an autopark area. The autopark roofed two 25 meters long machines for raising and loading the rockets into the silos, as well as machines, which pumped air into the silos.

Now days the War-head storage is outside of the museum part of Plokštinė Missile base.

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