3D Printed Homes for Homeless people

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3D Print Homes International is the first UK based company to enter the 3D printed housing market.  The plan is to raise funds on Kickstarter.com to develop own 3D Printer using contour crafting.

3038835-slide-s-3-3-d-printed-homes-help-solve-homelessness 3038835-slide-s-4-3-d-printed-homes-help-solve-homelessnessFabian Jean-Baptiste is the founder of CNSTRCTN International and the UK’s first 3D Print Homes industry advocate, he wishes to utilize th

e brilliant capabilities of 3D Print Homes, with construction methods that combine industrial production and the technique of rapid prototyping.

With this innovative building method, which utilizes contour crafting, our home building expertise and managing the layer by layer fast-drying concrete, we can build entire housing estates in a matter of a few weeks and one fully built home within a day!

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3D Print Homes is supported by CNSTRCTN International, a UK property development company, who are assisting us to implement this project… – CNSTRCTN . The funding goal is £500,000 , they will purchase all the parts needed to build a state of the art 3D Print Home printer, establish an office in London and start the process of making 3D Print Homes. They are targeting countries all over the world, mainly the ones which are in most need of these homes, including the poorest regions of Africa, South America, Asia, Australasia, North America and Europe in this order.

An average single-family home would cost around $10,000 to make on a 3-D printer, Jean-Baptiste says, including extras like doors, windows, and a kitchen and bath. No excess waste, as the 3-D printer can be feed with reclaimed concrete, cement and locally sourced material, making this the most Eco-friendly construction process due to the lack of waste produced during a build,” Jean-Baptiste explains.

For more details please visit the Kikstarter campaign HERE


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