Hero of the month 1-Lottery Hackers from Bulgaria

Varna New Hackers
Varna New Hackers Toto Hackers – Bulgaria

After few months after the arrests Bulgarian authorities released two 19 years old hackers before their trial starts.

Around the end of June 2014 the hackers succeeded to change the wining numbers on the server of the national Lottery using stolen password and claimed Jackpot of 5 026 320.60 levs (2 500 000 Euro) with fake ticket. The Sector for Computer Crimes, Intellectual Property and Gambling and the Chief Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime were involved in the operation. Unfortunately the wining numbers are stored in 3 copies and the claimed numbers were different than the other two clones on the hard drives kept in safe.

The names of our monthly heroes are Nikolay Vasilev and Prodan Vasilev.

More details and video HERE


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